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image  1 designboom magazine - the #SonofCobra BMW 2002 is a #carbonfiber image of perfection
September 30, 2022

The #SonofCobra BMW 2002 is a #carbonfiber image of perfection.founder #PaulLefevre spends his days creating #surfboards for his label, and the work is a minimalist celebration of line and color. he’s also busy shaping something else entirely: his carbon-fiber-bodied 1969 #BMW2002. he wanted to re-build it as a lightweight car and achieved a good balance between the weight savings and the cosmetics of the car. soon as you change one thing, you have 10 other things you have to change! ‘I ended up doing the whole body of the car,’ he says. ‘took me two years.’images by alex bernstein read/see more on our publisher friends’ account! #designboom