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image  1 designboom magazine - germany-based enterprise #plastic_fischer invents a floating barrier that aims
September 25, 2022

Germany-based enterprise invents a floating barrier that aims to prevent tons of #plastic waste from entering the #oceans. ‘trashboom’ is a modular solution made of locally available materials that uses simple #technology at a low cost that even developing countries can afford. avoiding high-tech imports saves time, carbon, and money and ensures quick repair and high scalability. attached with steel mesh that goes fifty centimeters deep, each unit can be connected to others to form a chain that can easily adapt to different river sizes.‘trashboom’ takes shape as a floating fence made out of locally available materials that prevent plastic from heading into the ocean. the plastic #waste is manually gathered from the systems on a daily basis and transported to sorting facilities. all recyclables are reintroduced into the supply chain. however, the majority of the collected material is not recyclable and thus, sent to thermal processing at certified incineration plants. #designboom #sustainability