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image  1 Curvy Outdoor Living
April 27, 2021

Now we are #living #indoors almost constantly, our craving for #nature is growing apace.

That is why, this year, both our #interior and #outdoor #spaces are being dominated by organic forms with natural roots.

Many #designers are welcoming smooth contours with open arms, and we are transforming these into organic outdoor living this summer.

Inspired by the richness of the natural world, #RoyalBotania offers you a foretaste of the flowing lines, natural materials and pure, true-to-nature shades that will enliven your summer months.

Organic #furniture means #curved and #rounded #shapes, an undulating play of lines and a deliciously soft, congenial undertone.

Many #designers have drawn inspiration from the richness and beauty of the natural world and the purity of Mother Earth.

#RoyalBotania creator and designer Kris Van Puyvelde appreciates and has tapped into the myriad natural shapes that surround us.

The modular Organix Collection with its lounge elements and circular daybed is a faithful translation of this and helps to shape organic outdoor living.

#Organix is effortlessly at home in a natural or architectural setting.

With its flowing lines, not only does it look highly inviting, but its curves automatically create configurations that draw people together and stimulate conversation.