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image  1 Absorbent Sandstorm Skyscraper by #kalbod
April 13, 2023

Absorbent Sandstorm Skyscraper by in Dubai, ⁣UAE.⁣•⁣Finding a solution via architecture to deal with massive sandstorms occurring in grand desert cities like Dubai defined the ⁣Sandstorm Absorbent Skyscraper project. These 25 towers, located precisely by Dubai’s main route, are made of glass ⁣structure that rises from the ground and covers the facilities that form the central part of the skyscraper. Inspired by its function, the towers have two functionally accurate cavities to absorb soil ⁣particles in artificial magnetic fields accompanied by windpipes, designed to provide the shortest possible length to maintain the comfort of the residents as well as the optimal pressure and ⁣suction. The final form is in a state of balance with the highest level of safety followed by a sustainable cycle. In this cycle, the sandstorm loses its electrical charge upon entering the building's ⁣facilities, transferring to the soil purification section and then into the isolated silos made of steel and heat-transferring pipes located at the base of the towers. These heat-transferring pipes charged with solar energy from solar panels increase the collected sand’s temperature to 600 degrees Celsius, creating thermal batteries that store and provide the necessary power for the tower and neighboring buildings to function without electricity for a few ⁣months. These towers also consist of multiple uses, from public spaces at ⁣the lower levels to residential zone in the middle, complete with grand laboratories and scientific research bases at the top ⁣dedicated to future studies on the nature of sandstorms and finding better ways to address this natural phenomenon for the ⁣next generation.•••#ArcOnly #architecture #design #dubai #skyscraper #city #sandstorm #function #future